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Robish Music

Robish Music

Betty Roe set up Robish Music in Spring 2003 to make more of her works available.

The following are available now. Others are coming soon - so keep watching:

Nearly all items have a sample page (pdf) you can download and print. Click on "pdfP1" after the piece name.

All in the Golden Afternoon Price: £7.50
Soprano, flute, cello & piano
All in the Golden Afternoon pdfP1 Lewis Carroll

To Live Merrily Price: £7.50 (inc flute & viola part)
Two sopranos, flute, viola & piano
To Live Merrily pdfP1 Robert Herrick

Songs for City Children Price: £1.00 each song or £2.50 for all three
3-part treble choir
1. Market Square pdfP1 Marian Lines
2. Tower Blocks pdfP1 Marian Lines
3. Fairground pdfP1 Marian Lines

Villagers All, this Frosty Tide Price: score £1.25, flute part 75p
a carol for SATB choir with flute & organ from The Wind in the Willows
Villagers All, this Frosty Tide pdfP1 Kenneth Grahame

Two Garden Songs Price: £7.50
Soprano, Violin & piano
1. In This Lone, Open Glade pdfP1 Matthew Arnold
2. The Critic pdfP1 Anon.

Two Canonic Carols Price: £2.00
Upper voices in two parts, piano, melody instrument & optional percussion
1. Children's Song of the Nativity pdfP1 Frances Chesterton
2. Rocking pdfP1 Anon.

Three Hardy Conversations Price: £4.50
Male & Female Solo Voices & piano
1. A Wife Waits pdfP1 Thomas Hardy
2. Farmer Dunman's Funeral pdfP1 Thomas Hardy
3. The Orphaned Old Maid pdfP1 Thomas Hardy

Soliloquy and Dialogue Price: £4.50
French Horn & piano
Soliloquy and Dialogue pdfP1

Peasants in the Snow Price: £4.00
Violin & piano
Peasants in the Snow pdfP1

Noble Numbers (Five) Price: £5.00
Medium Voice & keyboard
1. To His Saviour, a Child; A Present, by a Child pdfP1 Robert Herrick
2. To God; An Anthem sung in the Chappell at Whitehal pdfP1 Robert Herrick
3. To God pdfP1 Robert Herrick
4. To His Angrie God pdfP1 Robert Herrick
5. To His Sweet Saviour pdfP1 Robert Herrick

Circe Beguiled - a scena Price: £5.00
Mezzo Sop, Baritone & guitar
Circe Beguiled - a scena pdfP1 Marian Lines

Helena's Music Price: £4.50
Flute & piano
Helena's Music pdfP1

O Praise God - Psalm 150 Price: £2.50
SATB Choir & organ/piano
O Praise God - Psalm 150 pdfP1

The Silver Hound Price: £6.25
Tenor, French Horn & piano
The Silver Hound pdfP1

The Lord is My Shepherd Price: £2.50
SSA choir & piano
The Lord is My Shepherd pdfP1

The King's Emerald - a musical comedy for children under 12 Price: £4.00
Upper Voices & piano
The King's Emerald John Tully

In a Garden Price: £4.50
High Voice & piano
In a Garden pdfP1 A C Swinburne

Three Guitar Songs Price: £4.50
Solo or Group Voices & guitar
1. A Love Song pdfP1 Jean Kenward
2. Listen, I'll Tell You pdfP1 Jean Kenward
3. Sea Song pdfP1 Jean Kenward

A Moonlit Scene Price: £2.50
SSATB Choir & piano
A Moonlit Scene pdfP1 John Bishop

The Life that I Have Price: £3.00
Voice, Flute & Piano
The Life That I Have pdfP1 Leo Marks

Three Celtic Songs Price: £7.00
High Voice, Recorder (treble) & Piano
1. A Cradle Song pdfP1 Padraic Colum
2. A Boy's Song pdfP1 James Hogg
3. The Fiddler of Dooney pdfP1 W B Yeats

The Fair Singer Price: £5.00
High Voice & piano
The Fair Singer pdfP1 Andrew Marvell

Francesca's Folly Price: £5.00
Alto Saxophone & Keyboard
Francesca's Folly pdfP1

Magnificat Price: £4.50
Mezzo Soprano & Keyboard
Magnificat pdfP1 Book of Common Prayer

Blessed is Everyone - Psalm 128 Price: £2.50
Trebles/Solo, SATB Choir & Organ
Blessed is Everyone - Psalm 128 King James Bible

The King's Emerald Price: £6.50
Upper Voices & Piano
The King's Emerald John Tully

Three Songs for Graham Price: £4.50
Medium Voice & piano
1. The Dream House pdfP1 Marian Lines
2. The Promising Gardener pdfP1 Marian Lines
3. Scooting pdfP1 Marian Lines

Autumn's Legacy Price: £5.00
Medium Voice & piano
Autumn's Legacy pdfP1 Lewis Foreman

Jubilee Bells Price: £2.50
Three-part Upper Voices & piano
Jubilee Bells pdfP1 Marian Lines

Carolls to the King Price: see
Soprano or Tenor voice & wind quintet
Carolls to the King - see for preview Robert Herrick

Blue John Price: £2.00
SATB choir,Piano
Blue John Marian Lines

Four Double Carols + One Price: £2.50
Treble Instrument,Upper Voices,Keyboard
Christmas Boxes Trad/Marian Lines
Sleep Little Child/The First Noel Trad/Marian Lines
We Three Kings/Noel Trad/Marian Lines
Hallelujah/God Rest You Merry Trad/Marian Lines
Christmas Time/Good King Wenceslas Trad/Marian Lines

Everyone Sang Price: £1.25
SATB choir
Everyone Sang Siegfried Sassoon

The quoted prices exclude postage (telephone or email for an inclusive price for your order). Pay by sterling cheque payable to Betty Roe.
See Contacts link on the left for the ordering address.

Note that some Robish items are now available through Tutti (see contacts page on the left) who can handle debit and credit cards.

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